Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pink Bicycle

Today i am a pink bicycle, shiny and new like a brand new toy. fun o what fun! playing in the sand on the pink bicycle. riding through the streets of london, I'll show you the sights that respond to the weather of a nation. have you got a pink bicycle? I really think you should buy one, as no one has bought me yet. Im all alone in this shop no one wants me, pink is too girly, they all say. but im oh so pretty! please buy me, i just want a home where I will be ridden and shown the sights of london. dancing in the streets i hear, what laughter i hear, why do they always laugh at me? I just want to be bought so i can see the world outside this caged prison, oh please set me free to see the sights of london, im oh so lonely in this booth of destruction. save me, buy me, ride me, love me. for i am a pink bicycle without a purpose, please give me the will to go on. i didnt choose to be pink, i chose to be yellow.

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