Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 Writing Goals and Things

Happy new year to readers of this blog!

These are currently the things going on in my writing-
One of my resolutions was to make a zine- and I have made one! It's called Dancing Barefoot and is quite personal, it talks about friendship and growing up. I will post a link to buy it etc, once I get copies made!

I'm doing writing prompts and journal prompts everyday, or at least trying to. There's a website for each with these with loads of them, so I'm going through them all and hoping I will get some good writing from it or maybe even be inspired to write something else.

I should have another review up on The F Word blog soon- one about an amazing riot grrrl(and boy)! gig I went to in Chelmsford last year.

I haven't started yet but am planning to start my first edit of the novel I wrote in Novel Writing Month soon- I've had feedback from two of my readers- which was quite positive and also will be very helpful in helping me edit it.

I've been in touch with the website The Girls Are about doing live reviews for them. I'm not quite up to their level of talent yet (most of them have degrees in journalism) bur rather than disregard me completely, they offered to help me improve, and see how I am in a bit and go from there. Their editor also said some lovely things about my show and hopefully I'll be doing a podcast/mixtape thing for them soon!

I've been in touch with Wears The Trousers website to write for them. I've sent them a few links, so we'll see what happens!

When I was looking for some links I could send Wears The Trousers to see my writing, I found some pieces I had published on Mookychick a few years ago, and it made me think- where did my music opinion writing mojo go? I need it back!

Here are those old posts: