Sunday, 11 July 2010


My Chemical Romance and black mascara running down your cheeks?
Ah you must be an Emo!
Grateful Dead and not washed for weeks?
Ah you must be a Hippie!
Cap on backwards and trendy trainers?
Ah you must be one of those Chavs
got an ASBO, it's a no brainer
Dressed in black with pale white skin?
Ah you must be a Goth!
always thinking about death and original sin
Got a mohawk?
Ah that's easy you're a Punk!
Iron Maiden across your shirt?
Blatantly a metalhead, that's what I say

So many labels for so many people
Yet the thing is, we're one in the same
Everyone of us is part of life's game
We may be different
but we share the same Earth
We all smile, we all cry,
We all learn, we all try,
Let's forget the stupid labels
and just remember we're human after all.



  1. i like this one particularly but they're all good, maybe you could come and read one at a B&B one day????

  2. Thank you very much, if I ever feel that confident then maybe!xx