Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Untitled and For Roxie

Feelings so soft like waves on my soul
breathing, tossing, turning
bringing tranquillity amongst the buzzing of reality
sometimes I just want to switch it off
feel the silence of a thousand dreams
cutting the shreds of life away
and starting anew with the freshness of beginning


For Roxie
I love the way you look at me with your big green eyes
I love the way you'll never tell me lies
I love the way you touch my face
I love the way you run around as if you're in a race
I like the way your feline eyes are full of expression
I like the way you listen to my confessions
I like the way you stretch out and let me rub your belly
I like the way you sit on top of the telly
You're not just a cat
You're not merely a pet
you're my friend and companion
part of the family
and I will always love you!


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