Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Eve

Reluctantly opening my eyes
Dare I lift the cover yet?
The room is spinning
I hope this is the worst it will get

As the day goes on
Fragments of memories of last night return in a haze
No wonder my heads in a daze

Drinking that old friend Rum and Coke,
Getting kissed on the cheek by some bloke
Dancing to soul and motown
In a packed room, getting down

Going home
catching the end of Jool's Holland Hootenanny
feeling like my head's full of foam
setting the smoke alarm with cremated toast

welcome to two thousand and thirteen
it certainly started full of win
even though today I just want to sleep
I'm happy to have some drunken fun memories to keep

Happy new year everyone
I hope your hangover isn't as bad as mine
but I'm sure this year will be mighty fine.