Sunday, 18 July 2010

If Only You Knew

for my grandad RIP

My mind is filled with so many thoughts
my soul is full of so many words
my heart is so full of love
my eyes are full of depth
if only you knew

my mind isn't always positive
my soul is sometimes dark
my heart sometimes breaks
and my eyes are sometimes shallow
if only you knew

my hair is thick and soft
my hands are soft and delicate
my feet can walk for many miles
my nose can smell deceit

my hair gets greasy
my hands get dry
my feet sometimes ache
my nose is sometimes blocked
if only you knew

if only you knew
how I miss him so
he went off in a cloud of smoke
no last words he spoke

I told myself to be brave
as they buried him in his grave
I comforted you, you comforted me
If only you knew
I still think of him today


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