Monday, 19 July 2010

Social Networking

Twitter, My Space, You Tube, Facebook
all the world can take a look
at what you post
intimacy and privacy sometimes gets lost
see photos of me as a child
see photos of me when I get a bit too wild
sometimes it can get you in trouble
you're so engrossed in your internet bubble
you forgot what you posted
when you got drunk, you boasted
no longer do we use the phone
we use our "status" to indirectly moan
no more face to face
instead we choose to "follow"
how did we become so hollow?
social networking, is it to blame
for lack of communication?
or has it widened our fascination?
it's hard to remember a time
without the internet
information is so easy to get
it doesn't make it wrong
but we should keep our real friendships strong
and never forget the power of speech
or what it's like to sit on the beach
on a sunny day
the power of reality
is what controls our destiny
life isn't controlled by letters on a screen
or some you tube video you might have seen
you are the driver
so take the wheel and drive



  1. Love it! :-D

    I also wrote a song last year about social networking sites. They're certainly here to last. Great stuff love Manic xx

  2. A definate love/hate with social networking, if it weren't for Myspace we'd never have met :-) but it certainly makes me lazy, especially when in a dark place, why talk when you can update your status and inform the world! Again kitten well put into verse xx