Sunday, 11 July 2010


Happiness, blue, lavender. Happiness lies in the essence of lavender. That smell so swwet, like a rainbow in the sky. hearts interwined, symbolising the love that binds them forever. hoping to be a star some day not just the ordinary girl i've become. wishful thinking, hurtful dreaming. snowdrops falling, crystals shining. blue skies ahead, the sun shines so bright in my heart, dreaming of a life in the future. there lies my love and my happiness. gorgeous lavender, the smell which causes such deep relaxation. smells so sweet. what I'd give to smell lavender forever until eternity. lavender fields outside my cottage in the country, so soft to walk through that delicate smell flowing all the while. beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. what a phrase that is yet so true. everything is beautiful in its own special way. even the worse things in life can be beautiful especially if scented with lavender. lavender is the illusion of happiness.

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