Sunday, 18 July 2010

All written on 29.1.06


Words can fly
words can zoom
just like an ultrasonic boom
words surround me
they pour down like a soft waterfall of ideas
so many beautiful words
it's hard to know where to start
and even harder to finish
but I love it with my heart and soul
writing is the only key I need
to unlock the door of creativity
and fill the voids of reality

The Psychedelic Radar

the psychedelic radar is in my head
transcending messages sent from outer space
transmitting thought patterns
to expand the outer limits of my mind
vivid colours and patterns
feels like a painting on my soul
so divine, I feel fine
it brings me love, it takes me through
a dimension I've never noticed before
and I never want it to end


I am a door, unopened yet unlocked
I am the floor, often walked over
I am a wall, enclosing the outside world
I am a ceiling, stopping you from reaching the stars
I am a window, proving there's more to life than the room you're in
there's millions of rooms
and millions of houses
all across the world
but nothing will soothe your soul like the outdoors will

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