Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am Pagan

At first everyone thought it was just a phase
that I'd soon grow out of it
I was just a teenager
fascinated by the promise of magic and spells

But as time wore on,
I didn't stop reading
every aspect of my life became affected

my choices became clearer
and now I had beliefs I held much dearer

I never even knew I had a faith
but when I discovered paganism
I knew I had been one all along

over the years
things have changed
sometimes I've neglected it, other times I've worked so hard on it,
but still the same
it always remains

the premise for me is so simple
"do what you will but harm none"
respecting the earth
and keeping in mind the power of three times three
all these years later I can't think of anything I'd rather be

my whole life this has been who I am
I am a pagan
and I am proud.


Sunday, 22 January 2012


I'm so tired
I've forgotten what it's like to be wired
it's not that I don't sleep
just that my emotions run deep
life recently has been hard
and I want to give it the red card

life is a funny thing
there's been times I want to sing
but then another day, another week, another year
all I can do is shed a tear

wishing things could be simple
like love and friendship would always run smoothly
like there would never be problems with work
and the house always would stay clean
and money would never be mean

but that wouldn't be life would it
you can't always make it fit

I am so tired
wake me up when the party's over...


Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Love Letter to the Library

There's one place that apart from the places I've lived
that has always been there for me
through thick and thin
when I've felt alone
when I've needed to get away
a place where I can learn
a place where I can fantasise
about forgotten lands and magic spells
a place of quiet
a place of tranquility
filled with words
and filled with pages
even music and dvds..
and it barely costs a thing
everytime I leave with a pile of new books to read
much more satisfying than a shopping mall
Libraries, you make the world a better place..


Monday, 9 January 2012


Oh January
you and I have a turbulent relationship
you always make promises you can't keep
and I get so overexcited I can barely sleep
making plans in my head
if I did them all I'd probably fall dead

you always let me down
with a frown
you give me hope, you can give me dreams
then you rip them up at the seams
you pull the carpet from beneath my feet
and knock right off my self righteous seat

you make me ill, you give me stress
and I always end up in a mess
yet you know I'll be fooled again
and I'll feel like I'm stuck in the rain
but it takes sunshine AND rain to make a rainbow
so I'll see you through
and wait for the sun to emerge


Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well last year I wrote a post about my writing goals for 2011, so may as well do it this year too!

Last year I said I would make a zine, well I wrote and published two, I have another one, I just need to get it printed. I had some success with it, my friends who read it gave positive feedback and I did two swaps with people for Issue Two. My friend Catherine even reviewed it

I started editing my NaNoWrimo from 2010, but thanks to having to reinstall the computer a few times, I lost a lot of my original editing so had to start again, as a result I'm still editing, I hate editing with a passion but I really hope that I can manage to finish it this year. I kind of did a novel in 2011 too, but I'm not sure yet if I want to do anything with the story part of what I did.

I did lots of writing for websites, I started off writing a few bits for Wears the Trousers, but found they edited my work more than I was happy with, and did some things for thegirlsare, who would sometimes edit slightly but not as much and they would normally talk me through the edit, so I would be aware and able to learn. I did some pieces for JoyZine who don't do any editing and don't have a particular style guideline and also some pieces I'm really proud of for my favourite blog The F Word.

so this year- I want to finish editing the 2010 novel
to write more pieces for websites, especially things like the riot grrrl piece I wrote for the f word.
hopefully to get a bit of a name for myself on the music writing/blogging circuit!