Sunday, 30 October 2011

I Miss You

Sadness tears up apart
Every day I feel the sorrow grow deeper in my heart
somehow it eclipses all the good times we've had
at first it seemed like just a fad
but then it just got worse and worse
like some sort of curse
this beautiful person who cares, and who dares
came into my life and made everything right
now it seems all you have is strife
and just to see you at all is a fight
I felt like our friendship was true
but lately the more I try, the more I feel blue.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Feminist Reclaimed

I stand up for my right to choose
I am a feminist
I stand up for equal pay
I am a feminist
I stand up against discrimination
I am a feminist
I stand up against sexual violence

I am a feminist and proud
I'll shout it loud
No, I don't hate men
I'll politicize adverts with my pen
No, I've never burned a bra
I'll spread the message far
It's time to reclaim 'feminist'
and dispel the myth


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