Sunday, 18 July 2010

Suicide Note

you were one of the happiest people I knew
well at least that's what I thought
I know your friendships were only a few
but you really meant a lot to us

you were really great
but now you've decided to visit Heaven's gate
I know how you felt
I've always been unpopular myself
I wish I could have stopped you
I wish I could have changed your mind
but by the time I got your suicide note
you were already gone

why are people so pathetic?
why does popularity matter so much?
why does it matter what clothes you wear?
people really suck
and because of their stupidity
that's why you're gone

you were really a special person
just because you only had us guys
doesn't mean you weren't worth knowing
I just wish I could have told you this
before you decided to take your life

if you judge a person by their looks and popularity
what a sad person you are
you damage so many lives
and it effects us all


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