Sunday, 18 July 2010


Ouch that hurt
what a malicious cow
go back to your hole
and take your silly posse with you

you make me sick
everytime you call me by your malicious words
I want to scream, I want to shout
I want to be free, I want to get out

I'm not as innocent as you think
I know it's you that stinks
no one deserves to be humiliated
the way you humiliated me
you may laugh at me now
but in the end it's going to be me that's laughing

when you fall down the drain
and people start to realise I have a brain
I have a chance in life
even though you cause me strife

I won't ever go to prison
but you'll be in and out all your life

I have someone who loves me
you have nothing but a line of blokes
who want to get you into bed
I wonder what's wrong in your head
I will survive
but you will crumble






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