Sunday, 18 July 2010


why am I so stupid?
why can't I let go?
and let myself love you
I know I do
I even tell you I do
of course I do
but I won't let myself

I cannot prove I love you
because I always get you down
and when I do I end up with a frown

why can't I let you love me?
why do I always need convincing?
why I am always so paranoid?
when you show it all the time

I don't know how to let go of my inhibitions
I don't know how to prove I care
I don't know how to bare my soul
or how to fulfil my goals

I want to help you with your nasty habits
but I feel like I'm letting them breed like rabbits
you're probably smoking right now
I'm surprised you're still with me
I wouldn't blame you if you left
If I tell the truth
I feel I'm hurting you


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