Thursday, 22 July 2010

When I am Drunk

the first time I got drunk was on Tia Maria
seemed like a good idea
tasted so good, just kept drinking more
one drink turned into four
funny how it's still my favourite drink

I've had rum, southern comfort, tequila, why even absinthe
well Vodka, we have a love/hate relationship
it has been known to make me lose my grip
shots always go down well
even if the next day my head feels like hell

when I am drunk
I've been known to shout at kebab shops
if I'm not in the queue for 2AM chips
using tomato sauce and mayonnaise as dips

when I am drunk
I've been known to hug people and say "I love you"
but you know it's no lie, you know it's true
alcohol is like truth serum
a few drops and I'll tell you the lot

when I am drunk
I tend to laugh
when I am drunk
you've been known to hold me up
when I am drunk
I struggle with the door lock
when I am drunk
I sing loudly to rock
when I am drunk
I crash on the bed
wondering what's up with the spinning in my head
the next thing I know I'm feeling rather dead
the next morning I will dread
but for now
I'll make a fake vow
not to drink again
at least not till next weekend

22nd July 2010

1 comment:

  1. Oh so true ;-) I always help you with the door lock kitten x