Sunday, 12 February 2012

note in a little box

you saved me
said the note in a little box
no more watching the clock
because of you I no longer feel blue
ever word is true
said the note in a little box
I'll keep it in my pocket
whenever I need a positive rocket
it doesn't matter who it's from
just knowing someone wrote it, makes me feel less glum
note in a little box
positive vibes encased
my heart embraced


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rock N Roll Band

I want to be in your rock n roll band
I want to be part of your super cool brand
seeing you up on the stage
exuding confidence
you look so cool
when I know I'd look like a fool

I am entranced by your sound
you don't even know me
but by your songs we're bound
the sound really is the blood between me and you
just one song can make me stop feeling blue

when you fall in love with music
it's like candy for your ears
that eradicates your fears
if only just for a moment