Sunday, 11 July 2010


'm just a girl who doesn't know where to go or even where she's been
Help me find the path I'm meant to follow
Is this life?
Is this how it's supposed to be?
Isn't there more I'm meant to be?
Help me find who I am

There's a million faces I could be
But I don't know which one's me
A soldier, a mother, a lover
A dollar a day for something I'm not
What's inside isn't always what's on the outside
You can look in but you may not like what you see

I don't know if it's me
or what way you're meant to see
Put yourself on a plate and see if I devour you
or will I push you aside and sacrifice to you instead
put myself on the line

bring you flowers
hope you understand I just want to feel your sorrow, joy and hope
I want to be inside your soul
hoping you will help me understand my own
If I can't find me, maybe someone else can
and I think it's you, my desire

only you can ignite this missing fire
bring on your hate and bring on your love
see if I can handle you
maybe then we can decide
if it's time for fight or flight.

Jan 10

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