Sunday, 11 July 2010

This is dedicated to those I love

I sit down in the corner of the cafe with my hot chocolate; I have to be very careful, as the mug is so big if I fall slightly it will spill everywhere. Once sat down, I sip at the hot chocolate and try to resist the urge to pinch a cigarette off the table next to mine. Just as my thoughts begin to wander, a stranger sits next to me. It's a woman with long grey hair and of a large build, she has green eyes that seem to pierce me completely. I can't figure out why she has sat with me as there are plenty of spare seats everywhere but I don't argue, what would be the point? "Hello" she says to me. "Hi" I say in my usual mouse like squeak when I don't know someone. She reaches out for my hand and I can feel my skin turning red as I blush. She looks into my eyes and speaks- "you are a special person. Don't worry what anyone else says. You are unique and I love you." With that, she walked away.
A few days later, I walked past that cafe again and there she was, sitting next to a young boy who looked very much the type to get bullied. I could hear her voice again. "You are unique and I love you" and I smiled

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