Sunday, 11 July 2010


Do you remember last summer?
All the good times we had?
We spent so much time together
I thought it would last forever
Now I'm lucky to see you once in a while
I'm at the bottom of your pile
somehow it doesn't seem the same
feels like we're playing a game
I thought I had found a soul mate
It seemed so much like fate
Now it seems you've moved on
leaving me behind
Time and Time again
You're missed me out
You've forgotten me
Why didn't I see
that time of joy wasn't meant to be
it was all only temporary
Now I guess
I'll have to move on
Until the next person
has also had their fill of me
That seems to be the way it alway goes
I will be forever searching
for the one who will stay
and want me permanently
and not lock the door behind me.

April 10

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