Sunday, 11 July 2010


I've been walking for about five hours now, my legs ache with the strain, my mouth is dry with thrist. The road is rocky with trees lined up along the both sides of it, it is a very warm day so I am only wearing a blue t shirt and a short black skirt, the sweat is dripping from my forehead. In my arms I hold my life in a suitcase, it is time for me to move on away from my comfort zone, now I must decide. The journey has been tough but its one that must be made. I come to a crossroads, one road continues to be rocky and tough going, the other is much softer and will only take a few minutes to reach the end, whilst the other will take years. The simple path will be the easy one, staying in my current job and home, not moving forward. The end of the harder road lies my dream job of being a freelance writer, and having a bigger home. i must make a decision now, do I take the easy way and stay stuck in a dead end job or after many hours of walking do I put myself at risk of even more exhaustion and walk down the rocky road? If I'm to reach my dreams, i must not be afraid to take risks and to work hard to reach them. So with a deep breath, I take that step forward today.

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