Sunday, 11 July 2010

Best Friends

Today I walked past my old school,
and it filled my mind with bittersweet memories
and of all the friendships I've had over the years
all the smiles and the tears
that naming someone "best friend" can bring.

At first I was a loner,
Nobody wanted to be my friend
I walked alone in my imaginary world
Then you came along
The teachers were so pleased
they made sure we were in classes together
we would pretend to be goddesses
we sure weren't typical kids
we would cut flowers and hope to make perfume
it never really worked.

I had to change schools
and it all changed
now someone new had taken your place
this one wasn't too streetwise
I taught her about music
I think despite my innocence
I was the rebel in her life
Her parents didn't like me.

Another year passed, a brand new school
this time I was no longer a little girl
but a teenager preparing to meet the world
things changed again
someone actually chose to be my friend
what fun we had
you always chasing the boys
walking up his road
writing letters
It was so silly
but we were only young
our friendship changed constantly
remember make up break up?

Forward my life went,
I was at college,
I had a boyfriend,
time yet again to fill that vacancy "best friend"
someone I had known for years
someone outside of school
you were there everytime I was in tears
we would go out every friday
drink vodka and dance to greenday
I didn't mind when you said you were gay
you were the first not to walk away
and I hope you always stay
do you remember Paddy on the ceiling??

As an adult,
the best friend tag has more meaning
there's no longer make up break up
or playing silly games
I feel privileged to have a few
I'll support your art
admire your caring nature
be pleased for you when you're doing the job you've always wanted
I'll hug you when you cry
smile when you try
I hope you know who you are
life without friendship means nothing
despite it all, I love you all

July 10


  1. I love this poem, beautifully written xx

  2. Thanks hun, you're definitely one of them :) xx

  3. Oh my goodness, can't believe I only just saw this! I really like this one ... and of course I remember Paddy on the ceiling :D. I love you too hun.