Sunday, 29 January 2012

I am Pagan

At first everyone thought it was just a phase
that I'd soon grow out of it
I was just a teenager
fascinated by the promise of magic and spells

But as time wore on,
I didn't stop reading
every aspect of my life became affected

my choices became clearer
and now I had beliefs I held much dearer

I never even knew I had a faith
but when I discovered paganism
I knew I had been one all along

over the years
things have changed
sometimes I've neglected it, other times I've worked so hard on it,
but still the same
it always remains

the premise for me is so simple
"do what you will but harm none"
respecting the earth
and keeping in mind the power of three times three
all these years later I can't think of anything I'd rather be

my whole life this has been who I am
I am a pagan
and I am proud.


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