Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well last year I wrote a post about my writing goals for 2011, so may as well do it this year too!

Last year I said I would make a zine, well I wrote and published two, I have another one, I just need to get it printed. I had some success with it, my friends who read it gave positive feedback and I did two swaps with people for Issue Two. My friend Catherine even reviewed it

I started editing my NaNoWrimo from 2010, but thanks to having to reinstall the computer a few times, I lost a lot of my original editing so had to start again, as a result I'm still editing, I hate editing with a passion but I really hope that I can manage to finish it this year. I kind of did a novel in 2011 too, but I'm not sure yet if I want to do anything with the story part of what I did.

I did lots of writing for websites, I started off writing a few bits for Wears the Trousers, but found they edited my work more than I was happy with, and did some things for thegirlsare, who would sometimes edit slightly but not as much and they would normally talk me through the edit, so I would be aware and able to learn. I did some pieces for JoyZine who don't do any editing and don't have a particular style guideline and also some pieces I'm really proud of for my favourite blog The F Word.

so this year- I want to finish editing the 2010 novel
to write more pieces for websites, especially things like the riot grrrl piece I wrote for the f word.
hopefully to get a bit of a name for myself on the music writing/blogging circuit!

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