Friday, 22 October 2010

Magnetic Poetry fun and randomness

I love magnetic poetry, everytime I go anywhere near any I have to play with it, so I was most pleased when we got some free with Classic Rock last week. Here is what we made with it, some really random and silly, and some I thought were pretty good!

Don't wanna be hollywood dumb
you're nothing til it's been said
anybody could be a little worse
now live some kind of today
if you're sure who you are
here down the back
we're bitten
(written between me and migs)

I woke in a crossfire blind
calling myself a london neverland
born from up there
it gets away
(by Migs)

lots of random lines:

I said plays don't bustle

I enter the alarmed jungle, suppose bleakness that's phoney!

Welcome to silhouetto megadon

my pinball hurricane of beatlemania

never light a muffin

this morning the beer got a mighty hello

must I see 42 in every question

a liverpool wild eyed joker is awake there


  1. Who needs to spend hours and hours pouring over a set of lyrics when all one has to do is use magnetic poetry! I think I'll give this a go ;-) x

  2. Wow, I love these! "This morning the beer got a mighty hello" is hilarious and some of the others would be fabulous lyrics. I really like your long one at the top and "here down the back, we're bitten".

  3. "Never light a muffin"....ha ha genius, very Eddie Izzard ("never put a sock in the toaster")

    The first one could totally be a whole song! xx