Thursday, 28 October 2010

Black Dog

Alarmed bleakness
calling in a blind light
don't want to feel this way
but I don't get a say
it hovers over me like a dark cloud
likely to burst at any moment
(and often it does)
it hurts deep down inside
and times like these I just want to hide
it's like some part of me has died
when I get like this
it's hard to find the switch
I know what I'm feeling isn't necessarily true
and I don't really have to feel blue
but I lose all control
and everything around me comes to a halt
I should by now, take these thoughts with a grain of salt
there is always hope
if I can't feel well today
maybe tomorrow
I might feel okay


1 comment:

  1. sending you some love kitten! Sad but a sweet positive ending x