Friday, 27 August 2010

Going to the Circus

I choose to ignore
the pain and the suffering
I choose to ignore
the evidence shown right in front of me
I choose to ignore
the abuse and exploitation

It's not my child
It's not my pet
they're not human
why should I care?

How can they feel pain?
Why should I care if it's not their normal behaviour?
As long as I can get my fill of entertainment

Never mind it's old fashioned
and there's so much better things I could do
including animal free circuses with no harm involved
never mind over 90% of the population want to see a ban
never mind most councils won't allow it on their land

I am the voice of the ignorant
I am the voice of those who refuse to care
I know I'm wrong
so I won't look
at the people standing silently holding their banners
when I get offered a leaflet
I'll drive so fast inside
I'll cause damage to my car

they choose to ignore
they choose not to care
they refuse to open their eyes

but we must continue
to be patient and educate
one day they will listen
and maybe join us too


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