Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ode to Books I've Loved (and sometimes lost)

I can't remember a day when I didn't love reading a good book
There's nothing like curling up and turning the pages
of an epic thriller or an indulgent fantasy
imagining the scenes in your head
painting the colours in your mind
going to the library can be such a thrill
so many words lurk behind those covers
ready and waiting for my hungry consumption
books can go anywhere
no need for a plug socket
no no need for double a's
reading takes you on a journey
and you don't even have to move
you can continue the journey whenever you like
there's no rush to finish
although some books just can't seem to leave my hands
until they've come to a conclusion
favourite books are like old friends
always there for you
with their tattered pages
and worn out corners
some will make you smile
some will make you laugh
others may even make you cry
I want to thank you, books
for activating my imagination
inspiring my writing passion
filling in voids of boredom
spawning intense conversations
if you don't really read
might I suggest
you pick up a book
you never know, you may just plant a seed


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