Sunday, 10 February 2013

Writing Prompt: Write a letter to your 10 year old self

Dear Hayley,
This is your 28 year old self writing to you from the future- how cool is that?

Anyway, I'm writing to you to tell you that you won't always feel like you do now. Things will change. A lot. You won't always feel alone. You will probably always feel like a bit of a weirdo, perhaps even more so as you get older, but instead of feeling like this is a bad thing, you will learn to love your individuality and celebrate it and be proud of who you are, not try to hide it. One thing definitely won't change- you will always love writing!

You will make friends with some amazing people over the years, some won't be in your life for long, but every one of them will have a huge impact on your life and help you to discover more about yourself and who you want to become. In just a few years, you are going to meet someone really special who will be your best friend for a very long time, who will always be there for you in good times and bad, even when she lives a great distance away from you. All I will say about when you meet her is one word- panda! Believe me, that will make sense one day!

You will also fall in love, not once, but twice! The first time will be quite tough but it will help you to learn some important life lessons and to become an adult. The second time though, it will be more deep, and for keeps! You'll even get married and have the most beautiful wedding you can ever imagine, even better than you could possibly dream of, but I won't say too much about it, just know it will be one of the most perfect days of your life with everyone you want around you there.

You will become a wonderful, passionate person with strong beliefs and so many interests, you won't be too familiar with boredom! You will grow up to be an interesting and loving person, so even though it might not feel like it now, remember that you are special and things WILL get better, just wait and see!

I love you,
28 year old not so grown up Hayley


  1. This is the perfect letter to your past self, I think. It is really beautiful.

    Panda is the magic word!