Monday, 22 October 2012

A Rather Inspired weekend

3 poems written this weekend!

on friday...(19/10/12)
a small wish

I need the words back
the words I used to know
please bring them back to me
so holy and free
please help me to see
what's right in front of me
it's there all along
just learn the words to the song
beautiful words
where have you been
it's been so long
there's still more
it's hidden at the core
your base core
needs to identify
needs to verify
pen to paper
let it flow
let it go, let it out
you know it's in there
just set it free

on saturday 20/10/12

Breathe in, Breathe out
Goddess in, Goddess out
within and without
round and about
the Goddess breathes as we do
In and out
inside out, upside down
it doesn't matter which way we look
you won't find her presence in a book
she's in you, she's around you
searching your soul
making you whole.

Breathe in, Breathe out
Goddess in, Goddess out
Let's not forget our connection
as we search for the answers
to our soul seeking questions
she is I, and she is you
she is the sky, she is the sea
she is the spirit inside of me

come, won't you see
this mystical union is free
Goddess in, Goddess out,
I have no doubt.

Sunday (21/10/12)- Inspiration
Standing at the pearly gates
but this isn't Heaven
this is the blank, blank sheet
staring at me, teasing me
waiting for me to fill it
with juicy words
perhaps even men with swords
fairies, angels, vampires or even just ordinary people
waiting for me to direct their narrative

But I'm struggling to open the gate
and the page remains white
no words seem quite right
the lines blur
as thoughts start to occur
letters begin to form
and a new life is born.

The gate has been unlocked
and all I had to do is knock
the words have returned
like a long lost friend
what was once broken, is now on the mend
welcome back
I promise this time, I won't give you the sack.

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