Sunday, 4 December 2011

The River

The water flows past the rocks making a fast paced journey to the other side. So may obstacles to get past. The rocks, the biggest challenge of them all. They're hard and tough but the fast flowing water manages to overcome the problems to get where it wants to go. Nothing ever stops the water moving on. Nothing is too huge to get in it's way. It doesn't think "oh no a rock! I'll never get past it!" It doesn't stop and think at all. It just carries straight on, not letting anything hinder its journey.

I need to become at one one with the river. We all need to become more like the river. We need to go with the flow of life. Every person is on a journey. Some of us dream of having a satisfying career, others want to create loving family. All of these dreams have their obstacles. The artists of the world get blocked, a woman may find herself infertile. It may seem that our dreams will never come to fruition so we repress them and just carry on with a meaningless job or simply give up trying.

But dreams can come true. The flowing river knows this. To be like the river, we must push through the 'rocks'. Instead of repressing ourselves, do little things to help you achieve that dream. One little thing a day could bring you so close in a short period of time. No one says you have to give up your job (unless you can afford to)! Perhaps start looking for the right job on your days off, or do some research on the internet or the library. If you're having trouble finding a relationship, take some time out for yourself- love YOU!!! Nothing is more attractive than someone who believes in themselves.

You can push through those rocks just like the river. A little at a time can lead you a long way. You never know when the universe might just decide to make your wish come true!

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